Live like a free spirit

Live like a free spirit

This sentence popped up in my mind, while I was on a swing and trying to touch the sky from my toes. I fly high, high as I live like a free spirit. While on a swing, it felt like you are in your childhood time and carefree as an infant. All thoughts were flushed out of the mind and it was all clean and clear with happy feelings. What do you think free spirit is?

Signs of Free spirit

1. You do not care what others think about you.

2. You do not seek approval of others

3. You are happy in your own skin

4. You have your own ambitions

5. You are assertive and courageous

6. You are ready to explore new domains

7. You are ready to break your comfort zone to grow more

8. You dress up the way you like

9. Your inner child doesn’t shy to come out

10. You do not conform every time

11. You protest, when it is required

12. You freely express your thoughts

So are you a free spirited person? If not, no worries, you can still become one.

How to LIVE like a free spirit?

You can learn to be a free spirited, to be elated or content in your life. Life always gives you lemons, its you who should know how to make lemonade out of it.
Just like a swing, leave yourself on it and take a leap of faith that you will not fall. Hold tight that rope of swing and sit in balance, step back, lift your feet up in the air to take a ride and there you go!! Feel this energy, that how you feeling just like a free spirit. That fresh air touching your face and you feeling refreshed. You feel that’s your Real Self, your inner child comes out and play, which appears like an exuberant and zestful person and wow! You yourself never met this person before. Pamper that inner child and don’t let that kid lose his confidence.

1. No self judgements or harsh feelings for yourself.  Do not feel guilty of those things which are already passed on.
2. Live in the moment, which is a blessing itself. Neither fall into a past trap nor fly into a future box, just stay in present. .

3. Learn to accept the way you are and others. Bring acceptance towards life as it doesn’t always treat you fairly.

4. Explore new skills, places, languages, plays or go on an adventure trail. If not then, at least break your current comfort zone and do something exciting which makes you restless and push towards growth.

5. Do not fear from your fears. Break the chain and this vicious cycle of constant apprehension and fearful situations. Whatever is hindering your growth process, just face it. Exposure to the phobic situations eradicate the feelings of fear and turn you into a new person.

6. Relax, and you will keep moving just like you move in swing. Rigidity make you stiff which can break you. Be flexible and take life as it comes.

7. Meditate anywhere, where you feel like doing it.

8. No one is perfect as humans are fallible. Accept imperfections!

9. Be happy who you are, don’t be a slave of this society.

10. Run, exercise, eat healthy , do craziest things which give you happiness.

Give freedom to your spirit but do not lose your balance ….

Your wandering mind


Maldives, Maafushi Island, Kaani beach

When you sit near the shore, when you observe the strong waves, when you feel the tranquility of the water, when you listen the sound of swell from the far, when you feel the wet sand smell wafted the breeze of shore and going into your nostrils, when there is no other noise, then your mind shifts to lucid thought process, where you start realising your own mistakes and shortcomings, where you realise that how your mind wanders to those places where it is forbidden to go.

If you haven’t give it a shot then try it for yourself. Walk along the shore with barefoot and let the waves tickle your feet and make your toes wet. Sit down on the corner and shut down your brain for a while. But how? You must be thinking this…. Again your mind wanders!
You can focus on your breathing like, inhaling and exhaling. Aha! If you are inhaling and still thinking nothing is happening then watch out your breathing process. Are you doing it correctly?
Upon inhaling your belly is filling with air or is it rising and on exhaling, are you tucking in your stomach muscles? If not, then you are doing it wrong.

Practice a perfect breathing exercise where you can pull your focus and converge it on one point I.e. Diaphragmatic Breathing.
Now begin with focusing on your body that how it is getting relaxed, how your mind is jumping from one thought to the other, how you are sitting still at one place.

You have to stop your wandering mind and bring it to one point and that it “YOU” only.

Ask these questions to yourself
1.Who are you?
2What are you?
3.What made you this?
4. Why restless?
5. What is harming you?
6. Are you okay?

You will recieve a clear insight that probe into your real self.
This Real Self will show you the mirror and reflect your “true Me”. 

The sound of that water is a clear reflection of your mind. The resonance of the waves will leave a clean canvas on your mind. Then rethink that where your thoughts were flawed and followed cognitive distortions. It is your mind that creates most of the problems not the problem itself.

Be careful of your thoughts
Beware! Your mind lusts wandering.

Struggle of a common housewife

The whistle of a pressure cooker “fweet” “fweet”, whining of her toddler, buzzing of the mobile phone “zzzzz” and grumpy mother in law who needs perfection in all house chores. This is a quick picture of a struggle list of our common housewife, who keeps on struggling to survive and adjust in her new environment and family.
This new family fancy her to arrange everything with consummate elegance and should have an impeccable knack for cooking, cleaning, training, children fostering or in short they want a complete and flawless package in a girl who is just in her early twenties.
As a woman, it should be innate in the gender to be a perfect role model as this specific individual has to bring up a nation.
But unfortunately, our families forget to tell her daughter about mental well being. They know about physical self care but they hardly know about mental self care.
Many girls right after tying a wed-lock forget their identity and they merge themselves with another person in order to gain approval and happiness.

They blur their state of happiness in the struggle of their daily routine. In this race, of keeping everyone happy they forget from where they belong to or what are their preferences?

And then another aspect adds into it. Guess what?
Husband starts ignoring the girl and danger bell rings, tring tring!! Girl gets insecure to the core and starts wondering that she isn’t attractive anymore, since she is bearing extra pounds of burden on her. They merge their goals with their husbands and think they will live happily, since they have made their spouse, a first priority. People who do not love themselves, cannot pour love into others cup.

Its essential to be assertive when it comes to responsibilities and burden. Take only what you can take, otherwise state it clearly what you cannot endure.

Recently, got a case where the girl was doing all house chores, completing responsibility of her in-laws, wonderfully fostering children but she caught her husband red handed while cheating on her.

Here, I recommend these 7 pointers to newly married girls.

1. Do not jump into making babies instantly, right after your marriage.

2. Learn to be assertive where you can atleast Say “No” when you do not feel like doing anything.

3. Take responsibility which is not over burdening.

4. Accept the fact, marriage can be a failure and you do not have to suffer in that failed marriage with a cheater and exhausting workload.

5. Do not lose your identity and sacrifice your own goals, just for the sake of marriage.

6. Try to remain connected with your social circle .

7. Before getting into a relationship, learn to be emotionally independent which can save you from codependent relationship or emotional dependency.

Implementation is an essential part for acquiring desired results.


Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok

The only sound I was hearing in the room was my hanging wall clock. The eerie quietness in my brain depicting that my mind was shut down and not giving me the clue to find out the reason behind that emotional disconnection. I was trying harder to contemplate a blog topic, but my frontal lobe hindering the process of thinking due to unknown reasons. Recently, I have lost my father and going through a bereavement period but I did not shed light on that part rather just focusing on the silence in me. We do not give importance to mental health since we feel ashamed of consulting a psychologist. Why?

Because being a psychologist my society thinks I cannot visit a mental health counselor as I can unravel my tangled mental reel by myself. People in our society have stigmatized mental health and hardly accept psychological problems and they label them the words “insane”, “dramatic”, “lunatic” and so on.   This stigmatization makes mental health problems worse and creates a hindrance from getting professional help. It is highly significant to disseminate the awareness of mental health among people who are ignorant of this important element.

When there is a flood of emotions you experience after you lose your loved one then all of a sudden you feel you are emotionally numb and cannot feel anything and that is a killing silence in you. I will coin the term for this feeling as “silent dark” in the mind where you stop feeling anything and unable to understand the awkward tranquility in you. People hardly talk about grief and do not process the emotions and they block themselves to save themselves from the hurt they can experience if they process that grief. It becomes crucial to dig deep when you feel you are unable to hear yourself.

How can you pull yourself out of this silence?

The majority of people in our society are unaware of grief and its stages that how one can go through those five stages where you jump on a first phase i.e. Denial (where you do not want to accept the reality), then you go through Anger (where you blame the person that he/she did not take care of oneself), after this stage you enter the phase which is known as bargaining (where you think if I would have done this so he/she wouldn’t be gone) then comes the phase which you must be aware of already i.e. Depression ( where you feel emptiness and thinks everything is worthless) eventually, you reach to the level of Acceptance (where you accept the fact that the person will remain in your memory). All the stages can be overlapping with each other since it’s not necessary that you go through all the phases one by one.


  • Peek Into Yourself: Dig down deep that what exact emotions are you going through? If you are down and want to cry then it’s good to roll down the tears.
  • Make Yourself a Priority: Do not overlook your mental well-being during this toughest phase. Try to follow a healthy diet plan and talk about your emotions with those who are professionals rather than talking to those who make you feel down.
  • Process the Feelings: Accept the fact that you are in grief and allow yourself to mourn and seek help from a social support system. Do not shy and hide your true feelings.
  • Seek Professional Help: Do not hesitate to talk to a mental health counselor or a grief counselor if you think your grief is lasting longer and impairing your daily routine work. If you will not learn to manage your grief so it can lead to depression which itself is dangerous in the long run.

I will conclude it by laying down the last thing that tries not to overlook your emotional numbness or if you think you are silent from inside. Do not leave yourself in the flow of time as it is important to save yourself from the darkness which comes in us due to the suppression of emotions. Break the grief silence in you!

SCREAM !!!!!

By Hina Rehan

Dream interpretation unlocks the door of the unconscious mind


Dream interpretation is a quite weird hobby of mine, which I have incorporated in my life because I love to dive in the unknown realms, just to reveal the dark secrets of those concealed doors where there are numerous hidden things. After interpreting the number of dreams, I have this knack of unlocking the door of my unconscious mind, effortlessly. Those scenarios which you have repressed in your unconscious can come into your conscious awareness through dreams. Your unconscious mind communicates to your conscious mind via dreams. But sometimes we are unable to comprehend the exact meaning of those dreams.


Dreams can be symbolic which can contain latent meaning or sometimes your subconscious throws manifest content to your awareness. It’s highly significant to know the dreams symbolic meaning or at least start researching the codes of the symbols that you see in the dreams.

  1. First of all, observe your mental state and thoughts.
  2. What you were thinking before sleep?
  3. Are you having recurring dreams or precognitive dreams?

If your mental health is compromised and you are not taking care of its well being then you can see such dreams which can indicate your poor mental health condition.

If you are having recurring dreams then it means your subconscious is leaking the content into your conscious awareness that you are not focusing on the particular subject in your waking life. Repetitive dreams are mostly psychological ones but if you hardly see a dream which isn’t repetitive then it can be a pre-cognitive one, which means your sub-conscious, is making you aware about the upcoming event.

If you are obsessing over something then it can pop up in your dreams as a memory recollection. Different theorists lay down different opinions and theories according to their perception but this write up is related to my personal experiences.



People who are anxious usually experience recurring dreams, in which they see unpreparedness or failing in exams, falling, being chased, being late for an event, unable to find something and many more different scenarios which indicates anxiety in dream.


People who are emotionally vulnerable are prone to see water and we should focus on the state of water while decoding the dream. These individuals mostly dream about water bodies because it is directly refer to unconscious emotional content. If they seeing ice in the dream, it depicts frozen emotions, stormy water indicates turbulent emotions; murky water depicts ambiguous state of emotions. If the dreamer is swimming towards land then it may indicate that individual is seeking some conscious knowledge related to their deep inner emotions. Rain is connected to your crying state whereas underwater swim points out towards escapism of the dreamer from the current situation.


When a person set a goal and remains unable to achieve it then it leads to frustration and it starts hindering the process towards happiness. It becomes complicated to acquire fully happy state since an individual feels blockage of the goal which he/she starts seeing in their dreams like dead ends, inappropriate attires or behaving inappropriately, any task which is frustrating, malfunctioning or broken machine.


People who are in the process of grieving can witness a visitation of their deceased loved ones in their dreams. They see them alive or dying again or hugging their beloved ones in their dreams.


According to a famous psychoanalyst, when our desires are repressed due to external circumstances then our unconscious makes a doorway to resolve repressed conflict in the shape of dreams, where we see those things which we cannot acquire in waking life. We feel satisfied after dreaming such series of mental images which we long for but that particular thing is prohibited in real life. For example: if a person sees his/her crush in dream but cannot approach him/her, diabetic patient eats ice cream and sugary items in dreams or dreaming of someone’s death in order to get rid of the person.

How to interpret the scenarios in the dream?

Mostly, it’s hard to decode the exact meaning of the storyline of your dream in which a dreamer see a movie like mental images or a series of dreams. An individual might perceive their dream as the intricate one or think it’s a complex dream and cannot be interpreted. So in this case, a person will pick a dominant symbol but the context of the dream is important element while interpreting the dream. For example; food or edibles were highlighted in the dream so we will see the food interpretation. Here, you can have a look into quick symbols and their meanings;

Butter: search for gratification, Sandwich: suggests pressure on a dreamer, Chips: over-indulgent behavior, Pickle: anxiety or fear.

Have you ever felt a jerk while sleeping that you dreamt you were falling?

If yes, then you are experiencing a sleep twitch or hypnic jerk or you feel you are falling from a height in the beginning stage of the sleep because you are highly stressed out and taking stimulants to stay alert while completing stressful tasks or brainy work. I personally, experience this sleep engine start when I feel too emotionally and mentally drained at the end of the day. It feels like a kick to start a sleep, specifically, for those who try hard to stay vigilant by consuming high amount of caffeine or stimulants.

Turn the page and revive the memory traces of your dreams and the context you have witnessed back then when you were not aware of the dark of the unconscious mind. Try to grasp the message of your psyche which you have buried in your unconscious long ago, interpret the dream to unlock your unconscious mind. It gives signals that you are on the verge of emotional breakdown. Maybe!

Dream interpretation is a door to your unconscious mind, window to your unknown realms of sleeping mind, solution to your enigmatic inner self, pathway to reach the psyche.

If unexpressed emotions buried alive in your unconscious and you don’t take heed of your emotions then it can come forth in an uglier ways.

Watch out!


So, we finally planned to pack our bags for our mini honeymoon destination. The place where you can have tropical feel and stunning views with sporty activities. We planned to hit a different province of Thailand I.e. Krabi, particularly AO nang beach and wanted to have a feel of Asian streets with rental scooty.

Upon reaching there we received a shock that we have booked a hotel near AO nang beach, but it was a remote island and Resort along a private bay with tranquil rooms & villas, a luxurious spa & stylish restaurants. We could only access that resorts by catching a shuttle ferry.
How can you reach there?

Krabi International Airport is 40 minutes away from Nopparatthara pier which is approximately 15 minutes from the resort by boat.

Arriving to the resort by boat is an experience in its own right. For a seamless journey from Krabi International Airport to the resort you can book airport transfers which is easier for honeymooners.

We shifted to resort with the help of their concierge and porter. We felt an urge of having something, and we decided to catch another ferry for visiting Ao nang beach and its streets.
I and my husband found a tuk-tuk (trimotorcyle with passenger seats) and felt the perk of Asian country. A very strong aroma of desi food pulled us towards the Indian restaurant. They served us samosa (triangle pocket filled with spicy potatoes) and chutney (green chilies and coriander with tamarind sauce). It was raining outside, and we enjoyed its every bite and felt the satisfaction of swallowing and relieving our hunger pangs. After finishing, we came out and strolled the street and found so many souvenir shops, and small marts for junk food and different clothing items.

We planned to book 4 islands trip and booked a package including ; Bamboo island, Monkey island, pileh lagoon, koh phi phi.
We Experienced the barefoot lifestyle and tropical landscape of the Phi Phi Islands in the Andaman Sea on a full-day tour from Krabi. Swimmed with colorful fish at Lohsamah and Monkey Bay, snorkeled among coral gardens and lazed on white sand beaches at Maya Bay.

Additionally, people should know that in that resort monkeys attack in the morning. People need to careful in the morning while going for breakfast.

Unfortunate part
The unfortunate part was the monkey trail where we headed due to uncertain circumstances of high tides. Ferry shuttle was stopped, and we opted for monkey trail which was steep high cliff with wooden steps. It was around 400, steps that we took to reach at the top of cliff and the real danger part was to cross the cliff along with the dangerous rattling of snakes with hissing, and buzzing of unknown insects.

Overall experience in Krabi was good and stunning. Unlike phi, it was not crowded and surge free of travelers. It’s a worthwhile spot in Thailand with vibrant, lively, and attractive places.

How can I connect this with psychology?

Self-expansion can happen at any point in a relationship if we engage in self-expanding and adventurous activities with our partners. We engaged in exciting monkey trail hiking and snorkeling that gave us the boost of passion and the feelings of closeness. Going through dangers of the place together give you sense of attachment.

About me

Welcome to my psytra blog.
I am Hina Rehan and I am a fusion blogger of travel and psychology – focusing on Travel places and the budget friendly trip connecting it with psychological tips.

My blog is about my travel stories, my connection with psychology to my travel diaries, photography and psychological tips are well connected with the travel.experience.
I am a traveler but I travel with my family and make most of the adventurous time with them.
I love to try new different local foods and try to connect with locals. I explore unique and budget friendly places.

My aim is to explore the connection of psychology and travelling. I travel new places in order to see a different perspective of, Psytra I.e. my own invention of psychology and travel.

I want to discover a strong connection between psychology and traveling.

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